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Prototypical routines of biology teachers (BMBF, 2005-2009)

involved persons:

LMU: Prof. Dr. Birgit J. Neuhaus

Universität Duisburg-Essen: Prof. Dr. Angela Sandmann, Dr. Martin Linsner

Programmes to increase quality of education have shown that an improvement of teachers’ instruction quality is determined by strengthening their professional development (Terhart, 2000). However, confronting teachers with findings from educational research usually does not affect their cognitions (Krammer et al., 2006). A well known way to influence teachers’ cognitions is to make them reflect their own classroom practice (Wood et al., 1991; Borich, 2008; Prawat, 1992). In this study, a pedagogical tool (PRoBiL CD-ROM) was developed which allowed to distinguish two groups of biology teachers according to their prototypical routines. One group showed patterns of prototypical routines that can be described as problem-oriented, the other group employed informing routines (Linsner, unpublished). These two prototypical routines were used to create short video sequences which illustrate prototypical behaviour of biology teachers when introducing the lesson, carrying out experiments, and dealing with pupils’ conceptions. The video sequences were integrated into PRoBiL and used in advanced teacher trainings to encourage biology teachers to identify, reflect, and improve their own teaching procedures.